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40 Lb Dog Carrier

The 40 Lb dog carrier backpack is a lifetime warranty that you can trust, it features a top-of-the-heap fit and lifetime warranty to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable.

40 Lb Dog Carrier Walmart

The 40 Lb dog carrier is fabricated of durable material that will protect your dog from harsh environment, it is a beneficial addition to your dog’s toolkit and makes leaving and taking your dog much easier. One-handed carry experience for your pet while still providing security and privacy, the soft, one-handed carry style makes it unrivaled for dogs that are want to move about without fear of being thrown out. The carrier also features a comfortable, one-handed grip for effortless handling, this carrier is valuable for dogs that are searching for a reliable substitute to carry their pounds around and can't worry about carrying them one-handed. The 40 kennel dog carrier is superb for a pet in need, it effortless to carry and is sterling for 2-7 lbs. It is moreover kitchen safe with a cook's dogeared design, the kennel is backed by an 6-month warranty. For more information or to place an order, please call (888) 660-921 nor (609) 99-tell, this 40 Lb dog carrier is exceptional for your furry friend. It spacious and best of all, it comes with the features that you need to get up and going new things, such as a mint green and black dog bag, a black bag for your laptop, a place to store your food, and a place to put your sunglasses. This carrier also gives a place to store your toys and a place to put your shoes, this is unequaled for a dogs, schnauzers, shih and many other small breeds.