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Dog Carrier Hoodie

This Hoodie is top-of-the-line for your pet when they go out on a walk, the large Hoodie can hold both a fleece and a big dog, making it a sterling fit for all kinds of dogs. The Hoodie is additionally comfortable to wear and will keep your pet warm and warmly held.

Sweatshirt Dog Carrier

The sweatshirt dog carrier is enticing for your pet! This product includes a Hoodie style pet pouches which can hold all of your pet's food and water, as well as a cat carrier, this product is again environment friendly as it does not include water or food rockets. The dog carrier Hoodie is a valuable Hoodie for petting yourself off during the day, with a stylish kangaroo design, this Hoodie is fantastic for holding onto when left at home or during activities. The sweaty womens will keep your dog warm and comfortable all day long, it is fabricated of breathable cotton and cotton twill fabric for a comfortable fit, and it gives a kangaroo design for an unique and recognizable look. The pouch made for your pet kangaroo to sleep in is conjointly included in the hoodie, the dog carrier Hoodie is a comfortable and stylish Hoodie that helps keep your dog safe and warm. The Hoodie is manufactured with a comfortable fit and features a cat dog carrier holder, this shirt is a sensational addition to your dog's wardrobe and the perfection for when you're out and about.