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Paws Crazy Dog Carrier

Looking for a new and exciting alternative to keep your pet? Don't look anywhere than the pads that Paws Crazy offers! This backpack is unrivalled for your pet with extra room to store or keep items like your phone and water bottle, if you're wanting for the backpack analyze our related products at.

Paws Crazy Dog Carrier Ebay

This carrier is fantastic for pet dogs and cats who need to go and go around with room to move, it is fabricated from tough and sturdy fabric for everyday use and can be easily converted into a formal belt if you so choose. This is a top-rated pet backpack for large animals, the large back pack can hold up to 20 large animals, or pup if wanted to be more prepared for a long trip. The black brown is a valuable color for dogs, and it is fabricated of 100% organic materials, the new is an excellent tag-free material, made to last long by being made of durable cotton. It is comfortable to wear and imparts plenty of pockets and straps to keep your pet safe and comfortable, this is an unrivaled new Paws Crazy pet backpack! It is a black gray 14"x11" backpack with a small black gray 15" handle. It is fabricated of high-quality materials and it is sure to make your pet stand out in your home, this bag offers some extra features to make your pet feel comfortable and latest.