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Petego Dog Carrier

Our Petego dog carrier is prime for suitors who admire to travel, it's small but comfortable, and its multiple pockets and zippered closure make it uncomplicated to get your pet on and off to from the road. Plus, the design is sure to keep your pup safe and sound.

Petego Dog Carrier Ebay

This Petego dog carrier is a first-class way for suitors searching for a small, but sturdy and comfortable surrogate to get their dog around during transport, it comes in different colors and styles, and can be personalized with a name or number. Plus, it imparts a spacious room for your pet to be able to energy, this Petego dog carrier is first-rate for small dogs or those with large no. Of body, it is manufactured of 100% lamb's wool and is designed to protect dog's back. The shoulder strap and the back strap keep dog's body comfortable and safe, the Petego design allows dog to move around and the dog box on the front makes sure dog is safe and comfortable. This is a rare small travel tote dog carrier, it is produced of materials that are made of durable and comfortable. It gives a stylish design and a comfortable fit, the bag can hold all the important supplies for your dog to travel well. This is a sterling pet backpack and pet carrier by petego, it renders a variety of designs and colors to tailor any child's personality. The backpack is puissant for young children who are always on the go, while the pet carrier can hold up to 10 pet items.